Parent Resources

Parenting takes a village to raise children. Coming together to support one another is vital.  These Parent and Student Wellness Resources are designed to offer strategies and suggestions for some of the greatest challenges we are currently facing.  This series of videos and resources begins with Adult Self-Care because we often take care of our children before we take care of ourselves. They are followed by videos that provide practical strategies for thriving through the elementary and middle school years.

Taking Care of You

As we navigate these challenging times, it is easy to focus on our children and forget about ourselves. Taking care of ourselves will ultimately take care of our children as we set a healthy example for our loved ones. These Self-Care strategies are for both you and your child.

Understanding Strong Emotions

Building our own self-awareness to be able to name our emotions can help diffuse stressful circumstances.  Research shows that by simply recognizing the specific emotions we are feeling, we can more calmly problem solve and think.

Raising Kids with a Growth & Resilient Mindset

Did you know that you can teach your children a mindset that will actually help them get smarter? What if we told you this same mindset could have a significant impact on how successful and resilient your kids are in adulthood. Someone with a growth mindset believes that his or her intelligence and abilities can continually develop throughout their life. Basically, they believe they can LEARN and therefore get smarter and more skilled through applied effort.

Raising Kids in the 
Digital Age

arents used to just worry about kids watching too much TV, or playing too many video games. We still worry about those things, but now the screen time list has gotten much longer. Phones, tablets, apps, social media, texting — they all can captivate kids (and adults) starting at a very young age. ​​In a world where children are "growing up digital," it's important to help them learn healthy concepts of digital use, citizenship, and the impact social media have on children and teens. Parents play an important role in teaching these skills Here a some tips broken down by age groups: